Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River, Monday, August 10, 2020.  There was quite a game of sun ball at the lake this morning.  The Cloud Bears got rather full of themselves and the sun ball escaped over the fence.  Dad Cloud Bear caught the ball and I snapped a photo just as he was tossing the globe back onto the field.  My twelve-year-old heart enjoyed the game … and I hope you do to!

halo Haw river meadow IMG_8388

I sent this photo to WRAL and Mike Moss of the weather bureau was kind enough to reply with the following explanation of what I photographed at 8:06 AM this morning at the Jordan Lake dam using my iPhone 5S. The photo is not edited in any way.

“Hi Ellen, You captured a nice example of the 22-degree halo, formed by light passing through a layer of millions of tiny hexagonal ice crystals that happen to be both well-formed and more or less randomly oriented. That happens on occasion with sheets of high cirrus clouds like those passing over the area this morning.”
[the small green dot at the top of the halo is from my iPhone]