Shelter Osprey Nest
Ever have one of those days when you need to get the house straightened up?
You get started on rearranging things and then something is just not right?
That flight feather that has been annoying you decides it is going to be extra pesky.
Drat!  Stop the work on the house.  Pull the offending feather out!
Woooooffff!! Spit it out and watch it float away.  So, there!!!

Shelter Osprey Nest
Mom osprey was incubating her eggs this morning.  I think hatching is about a week away.
Mom osprey stood up and stretched.
Shook out her wings.
Looked around for any danger that might be approaching.
Repositioned the eggs under herself and settled back in to incubating the eggs.

The Shelter Ospreys are Busy!
We humans often have to stop construction on our homes when it rains.
Osprey Dad isn’t letting a shower slow him down as he brings nest lining home.
On the other hand, um talon, maybe he is a little put out with the rain.
Oh, well, he has settled in, waiting for Osprey Mom to arrive.