Ever so often someone asks me: Doc, how did you end up at Jordan Lake chasing eagles.  Here is the story of how Jordan Lake became a place of healing and refuge for both my body and my heart.  Grayced was a starved and badly injured kitten that I found underneath a pickup truck at a boat ramp at the lake.  This abandoned kitten and I, a veterinarian whose career was abruptly shortened by injuries, journeyed together as we re-learned life skills and grew contented with where our shared path has taken us.  Companions on a trek toward healing – Grayced from his many injuries and me from the results of a serious vehicle accident.  There are moments of light, laughter, veterinary medicine, tears of hurt and a lapful of cat purring the aches away.  This is the beginning of Doc Ellen’s Jordan Lake Journey as I began building a life as a wildlife photographer and journalist.

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I will be making a ten percent donation of royalties from the sale of Jordan Lake Rescue to the NCSU Veterinary Medical Foundation.  This program supports veterinary students at the veterinary college as they learn the skills needed for outreach programs such as spay and neuter clinics.

this afternoon a couple of people who didn’t know each other, worked together to rescue this horned grebe.  There was fishing line around its neck, it has swallowed the hook and was dragging a bobber behind it. The grebe was transported to http://www.nc-claws.org/index.php/blog – a non-profit wildlife rehab facility.  You can see the grebe and follow its progress on their Facebook page CLAWS, Inc.  If you would like to make a donation to help the grebe, please go to the CLAWS web site or Facebook page.

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WALK6785 Apr 06 2015  14-23-33 Haw Rivergrebe rescue

WALK6698 Apr 06 2015  13-55-44 Haw Rivergrebe rescue 2