Dear Friends:

At long last I have gotten my dreamingsongs photography site finished – where if something strikes your fancy, you can now order prints of many of my photos.

I will be placing the dreamingsongs link below the photo and its caption on any photo that I have ready for ordering.  It will look like this:


_RK_6770 eagle for announcement email2014

American bald eagle

to order this photo, please go to

If you do not see a photo that you remember from the past and are interested in ordering it, please let me know the date and subject of the photo and I will get back with you. It is a somewhat slow process to place the photos into the web site – it will take me a while to get more of the photos up.

I hope that you enjoy being able to easily see many of my photos all in one place!

peace and grace,

doc ellen

_RK_3375 kestrel and frog 2014

The American Kestrel, size of a bluejay, is the smallest falcon in North America.
This male kestrel is undoubtedly the most colorful raptor in the same area.
He has caught a frog and is swiftly heading to a perch.

_RK_7413 - Version 2 eagle osprey chase 2014

The eagle jumped Ace the osprey as the smaller bird lifted his fish from the river.  For about 90 seconds the eagle pursued Ace, trying to get the osprey to drop his fish.  An eagle will ram an osprey then catch the fish midair if the osprey drops it.  Ace finally flipped up on one wing and dove between two closely growing trees, his fish still in his talons.  The eagle sulked off down river.