Ranger Cove Nest
Ranger mom showed up with food.  I couldn’t decide just what the food was.
The two chicks got into a fight over who was going to eat and mom was stuck in-between them.
Extracting herself from the melee, Ranger Mom quickly went down east in the cove and glared at the world.
It didn’t take long for the chuck of food to be consumed and the chicks went to waiting for the next meal.

 Ranger Cove Nest
One of the chicks is branching.
It is getting strong enough to develop lift with its wings and bounce with its legs.
Suddenly it was in the air and popped up to a branch just above its head (the branch is on the other side of the trunk from us).
It was quite pleased with what it had done and proceeded to practice several more branchings.
Soon it will take the leap and fully fledge away from the nest.

Ranger Cove Osprey Family
I got to the cove to find Dad osprey sitting on one branch to the left of Brother Piper on the right.
They both looked at me, checked me out and then ignored me.
They sat there for more than 10 minutes.  Once in a while Piper would look hard at Dad.
Finally Piper got tired of just waiting around and he left.  Dad Osprey kept watching life flow by.
It was not until Dad Osprey took flight 12 minutes later that I realized he had been standing on a fish!
No wonder Piper kept looking hard at Dad.
As Dad took flight I heard Broken Feather. She got to the nest as Dad did with the fish.

Ranger Cove: Osprey Nest report
Dad osprey had brought in a fish and dropped it in the nest. 
The two siblings arrived, screaming defiance at each other.
That is Brother Piper at the front of the nest and Broken Feather behind him.  
They have lost sight of the fish and are looking for it.
Broken Feather finds the fish and Brother Piper whirls around to try to get it for himself.
Out right, no-holds-barred, sibling rivalry breaks out – it is Broken Feather, on your left who wins the fish.

Ranger Cove: Osprey Nest Update
Thought I would show you up close details of the fish grab by Broken Feather in yesterday’s video.
Dad is bringing in a big fish.  That is Piper closest to Dad.  And Broken Feather, to Piper’s right.  
Broken Feather is alert and ready to make her move.
Oops!  Broken Feather is so aggressive she at first grabs Dad’s toe instead of the fish.
I see this happen fairly frequently with bald eagles too.
Broken Feather mantles the fish – hides it with her wings – so that Piper cannot get to the fish.
Dad leaves the chaos!
Defiant!  Broken Feather gets to the perch where we watched her learning to eat on a slippery slope.
Birds are all great parents!  They have not forgotten Little Piper.
Mom came back a few minutes later with a fish just for Piper.
Can’t you just hear Piper saying: oh my, my very own fish!