moon oft reminds
mystery sublime
mother for very first time
father full of Abba’s duty

star rising east
pales moon mist clouded
heavens foretell life shrouded
my heart weeps for their unseen loss

Bethlehem hills
as donkey nears gate
careful of rider’s slight weight
seem to call tired trio home

tis birthing eve
journey now distilled
parents’ vows will be fulfilled
manger and promised birth await

Christmas Blessings to you this night and all through the year


creator’s forefinger
dipped in enamel orange
drew for me glowing globe
hues showed spent night fleeing
full moon, setting,

memories shimmering
drawn from consoling lake
heart touched by aching hope
too soon yet too long known
breath sighs, letting,

poetry hungering
soul hurt lingering soft
song reft by chances gone
life sought wrapped well within
friendship, netting,

setting full moon

flowers for ditty

Spring has sprung
the grass has riz
I wonder where the posies is
why, here they tiz

a memory note: my late parents always gave each other a version, changing the last 2 lines, of this ditty each first day of Spring
they would hide their note for the other to find during the day


_RK_7062 mallard swimming away medium 2014

what do you do
when friend
hurt battered betrayed bruised
aches bone deep
swims away from your calls
what do you do
when friend
mute depressed angry dark
looks away
leaves once known shores and you
_RK_7077 gbh flies away medium 2014 (1)
what do you do
when friend
haunted by other’s hate
fails to see
your heart open waiting
what do you do
when friend
bolts in hopeless blind flight
seeking light
comes to where your soul waits
you gift the gathered hope
your heart has sheltered
IMG_0296 sunrise poem medium 2014