Jordan Lake. Every winter I have come to expect to see 4 to 6 American white pelicans here on the lake. They showed up a couple of days ago and I finally got to see them yesterday. I became fascinated that in their flight sequences, when they are not beating their wings, and simply soaring … they often all do the soar pretty much at the same time. A serene flight.

Jordan Lake. Oh my! I was watching bald eagles this morning and as the fog lifted I suddenly realized there was a rather large white mass of birds out on the lake. They were American white pelicans. I see a few here most winters December – January. I have never seen this many before. One of the birders who had a spotting scope counted them and there were 40. They are way off their normal migration course. Neat to see!

American White Pelicans

Jordan Lake surprised me again today.
I had been counting bald eagles for the quarterly eagle count when a large bird of another sort flew past.
It was a white pelican. I see these occasionally at Mattamuskeet or at the ocean shore but not here at Jordan Lake.
What a wonderful sight on a crisp autumn morning.

pelican Jordan