Jordan Lake: Mom Osprey sets about finding the right place in the nest for the new pinecone that Dad Osprey delivered. All ospreys really enjoy bringing all kinds of trinkets, pinecones, bark pieces, bright colored papers to their nests. Mom Osprey has to get the new pinecone placed just right and, as is true with all decorating decisions, different placements of furnishings have to be tried…

Jordan Lake: Ospreys are very practical when it comes to nest repair. They are also drawn to decorating their nests. Dad osprey is bringing in a stick for repair, but, note the lichen that is on the stick … you wouldn’t usually catch a bald eagle bringing a decorated stick home. Ospreys will bring all kinds of objects to their nests, such as extra large pinecones, plastic milk jugs, ribbons, mylar balloons and aluminum cans. I wish they didn’t have the jugs and balloons and cans available for them to scavenge. Note that dad very carefully lands the stick next to mom osprey. She chirped at him and got up to place the stick where she wanted it in their home.

The Shelter Ospreys are Busy!
We humans often have to stop construction on our homes when it rains.
Osprey Dad isn’t letting a shower slow him down as he brings nest lining home.
On the other hand, um talon, maybe he is a little put out with the rain.
Oh, well, he has settled in, waiting for Osprey Mom to arrive.

Dad and Mom osprey have about finished their nest.
It is considerably more substantial than when you last saw it!
Both ospreys bring in sticks and nest bowl material.
They also bring in pinecones – ospreys like to decorate their nests!
This is Dad osprey in the photo.
Dad osprey has a bright white chest.  Mom osprey has a beautiful wide necklace.