Dad and Mom osprey have about finished their nest.
It is considerably more substantial than when you last saw it!
Both ospreys bring in sticks and nest bowl material.
They also bring in pinecones – ospreys like to decorate their nests!
This is Dad osprey in the photo.
Dad osprey has a bright white chest.  Mom osprey has a beautiful wide necklace.

JL Neighborhood: Slight Detour…
There is a new osprey nest being built in one of the coves at Jordan Lake. I wanted to share with you Dad Osprey’s work on the nest. Both parents help build the nest. This morning I caught dad hard at work. Keep in mind that each stick that is in that nest was brought to the top of the snag by the ospreys – some of the sticks are large and branched. Dad brings in sticks, rearranges them, gets frustrated but stays at work.

The osprey fledgling wandered into the wrong territory.
The mother osprey of the nest he tried to get to took exception to his visit.
Firmly, but without any damage to the youngster,
the adult osprey escorted the juvenile away from her nest.
Notes:  the juvenile is in the lead;
 he is much smaller, because he is a male – not because he is younger
when you can see their backs, the youngster has a white line that bisects his wings.
I call these white spots “rivets”.  They are camouflage spots at the end of his feathers.

The male osprey folded tightly.
Twisted as he plunged toward the water.
Determination in every last inch of him.
His chicks and mate needed food and so he fished.