Jordan Lake. Hard Luck Osprey Nest. You may remember that last year the parents at this nest lost their offspring to a bald eagle and then they lost the tree and their nest in a storm. This year the parents, at a new tree and nest, have a chick that’s gotten to the stage of wing wapping and it’s thinking hard about flying in a few weeks!

Mom osprey was soaking wet. She wanted to just take a breath and groom. But, no, her chick wanted fish, food, fish, food, right now! Offspring always seem to be hungry and loud and just certain their parent has nothing better to do than to dash off, catch another fish and feed them. Not this time. Nope. Mom osprey had other things to do besides listening to a noisy chick.

There is not much room left in the nest.
I’m not sure who is more worried about sharp talons landing in the wrong place –
mom osprey or the chicks.
Note that as mom lands, her toes are knuckling under to prevent her talons from accidentally harming a chick.
The eagles do the same when in the nest and there is no fish to hold down for shredding.

WALK8604 Jun 22 2015 @ 06-38-37 Stinky  not much room

Mom and one chick are looking for the arrival of dad and breakfast.
Two of the chicks are trying to figure out whether or not that new pile of leaves is worth their interest.
The “pile of leaves” is me in my camouflage and mom dismissed me within seconds of my settling into place.
Quickly the chicks too forgot about me and soon all four ospreys were waiting for dad.
The blessings of a long lens and camouflage allow me to bring you photos without disturbing the family.

WALK8368 Jun 19 2015 @ 10-14-19 Robeson  Oprey mom chicks