I was sitting at my computer yesterday, editing photos.
My cat Grayced was lying just inside the picture window.
Suddenly Grayced levitated off his cushion and I stopped breathing when this red-tailed hawk appeared within 2 feet of the window.
This is actually the second pass of the hawk as he tried for a songbird at my feeder – I didn’t have camera in hand for the first pass.
The red-tailed hawk missed the songbird.  About stopped my heart.  Scared my cat silly.

The peregrine falcon was up early chasing breakfast.

He made several extremely fast dashes but I didn’t see him catch anything.

Here he is coming back to a snappy landing at the end of a dash.

His air brakes worked wonderfully well.
At one point the crows tried to take over his roost tree,
but the peregrine abruptly returned and scattered them.
Unlike humans, peregrines like to eat crow…
see video of some of his take offs and landings at https://flic.kr/p/MWmjb9

WALK6863 Apr 07 2015  11-27-42  Fuquay Varina green heron fishing

I found the green heron stalking a fish
like his bigger cousin, the great blue heron, this smaller heron was lightening fast
he has a minnow in his bill, just above the splash of water droplets

IMG_1601 - Version 2 squirrel and traffic light 2014Now, who would have thought a home town squirrel could help hold up a traffic light and keep the bolts screwed very, very tight?