Jordan Lake: The purple martins have returned and they are interested in finding a mate. Like in this sequence: the female perched at the top of the snag sure turns a cold shoulder to the questing male who is talking to, or is it at her. She looks away. She looks past her suitor. He apparently sees another female and dashes off … which sends the female off on her on. Life in the spring time is often full of such searches.

The male purple martin flashed past me and snagged a dragonfly.
Crimped the insect’s wing and spit the dragonfly out.
The male purple martin did a roll back and smiled at me.
From the lower left corner another purple martin appeared.
Either a female or an immature martin.
The male swept past me as I watched the other bird home in on the dragonfly.
Yes, it caught it, but sadly was too deep in the shadows for my camera to get a focused photo.
I think the male may have deliberately handed off the dragonfly.

_RK_5943 purple martin subtle 2014 (1)

the purple and blue iridescence of the male purple martin is subtle to the point of being almost black when one is trying to photograph it