I didn’t make it to the lake. I had to stay home, so, I bundled up and sat on my back steps.

The little iPhone wasn’t happy about the cold but my big Canon camera did just fine.

The recordings are from the beginning of the eclipse to the first of the totality.


Full lunar eclipse, full moon, October 8, 2014.  I struggled trying to get my camera right and give to all of you decent photos.  There were several photographers, videographers and binocular users at the site on the lake and there was sharing of how-tos.  The maximum coverage occurred after the moon entered the horizon haze, got outmatched by the rising sun and was lost to our view.  There was a collective sigh.

06:32:43 AM October 8, 2014

_RK_3549 lunar eclipse 06-32-43 2014

06:36:50 AM October 8, 2014

_RK_3552 lunar eclipse 06-36-50 2014

06:39:59 AM October 8, 2014

_RK_3554 lunar eclipse 06-39-59 2014