Jordan Lake. This morning with Captain Doug we found our first common loon of the season. It is very early. Usually don’t see the loons till about Thanksgiving. You will notice that the water was rather rough. If you’re at the lake at first light or just before dusk, stop, be still and listen … you may hear a loon’s haunting call.

common loon

Jordan Lake: I don’t often get to see the beginning of the breeding plumage change in the common loon as usually these beautiful birds have all headed north by now. The loon’s plumage patterns are startling and, yet, its face is wistful. I watched it for a moment, thinking about changes in all of our lives. May you have a peaceful night and dream with the loon who is probably hundreds of miles north by now.

peace and grace, Doc Ellen

Captain Doug and I were on the lake, checking bald eagle nests and enjoying the beautiful autumn day. We came upon a small flock of common loons who were also enjoying the warmth. Loons are winter visitors here and their lovely calls can be heard in the early mornings and late evenings. Captain Doug tried to ease in front of the loons so I could get some face shots, but, the loons easily grouped, turned direction and then lined out and left us behind. They are fast swimmers and they left me and the little iPhone behind a couple of times too!

Jordan Lake: Loons!!!!!
I mentioned this morning that I had heard a loon and wondered how long it would take me to see one. Often it is days and days before I spot one. Well, this morning one of the State Park Rangers was watching through his scope and he found 3 of the common loons … but way out of the reach of my camera. Patience almost always pays off. Soon the 3 loons had floated across the lake and gave both of us a good look at their handsome visages.

WALK5828 2 common loons 2014

I have been hearing the common loons on the lake for the past couple of weeks.
This morning I found 4 of them; the one to the left is a juvenile and the one to the right is an adult.