This hermit thrush was a welcome sight against the bare winter tree limbs.
If his eye shape and white ring looks familiar, it is because he is related to the eastern bluebird.

WALK6664 01-26-16 @ 15-10-16 Pea Ridge hermit thrush

The opening of the Eagle Educational photo gallery and meet-the-photographer date

originally scheduled for January 23, had to be changed due to weather.

The opening will be on February 13 from 2-4 PM at the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area Visitor Center, Hwy 64, Apex, NC.

 Hope to see you there! doc ellen

WALK6436 01-21-16 @ 16-38-11 Haw eagle reschedule

At this point in the herring gull melee, the fish was the only one with his mouth closed and silent.
The lowest herring gull, on the left, is the one who caught the fish and then dropped it.
Ultimately, the fish won this round, after actually bouncing off the surface of the river and then diving for safety.WALK5861 01-16-16 @ 15-16-46 Haw fish escape

Sometimes, sometimes the wind fills your feathers.
Your blood runs hot in the cold winter air.
And, just because you can, you do a 180 ┬║ roll and drop into a loop.
The two year old bald eagle and I laughed together in the gusting wind.

WALK4584 01-10-16 @ 09-46-25 Ebenezer 2 yo twirl

Three-year old bald eagles and their mottled camouflage make trying to capture them with a camera difficult.
This one almost blends in with the water to the point of making my camera struggle with the focus.
She did get her fish and I got my shot.
Note the distinctive 3 year-old dark stripe through her eye.

WALK2977 01-06-16 @ 13-07-19 Haw