Jordan Lake: The field identification marks on a fledgling Osprey are beautiful and unmistakable. The bright almost red-orange eye is very intense. As an adult the eye would be a clear golden yellow. At the end of each flight and back feather there is a white marking that looks like the head of a “rivet” to me. As the osprey ages these white markings will wear off and be un-noticeable in a 1.5 year-old-osprey.


Ranger Cove – Broken Feather Update
I watched as an unknown female osprey fledgling drifted into Ranger Cove.
Neither Ranger Cove parent osprey reacted.
But oh, did Broken Feather have something to say when the intruder tried to land in her nest.
From left to right: Piper, Broken Feather and the intruder thinking about landing.
The intruder realized it was headed for the wrong nest and quickly left.
Broken Feather was very proud of herself!