Jordan Lake. LL&H nest. I don’t know if there’s a second chick in the nest or not. The chick appears to be somewhere around five weeks of age… I don’t know the actual hatch date. Like all bald eagle chicks, this one is very alert to see what it’s parent is doing! I took this photo a couple of days ago in the sunshine and thought: you know, this gray morning we could do with some brightness and light. Enjoy!

LadyLake and Her Chick

Jordan Lake: this very aristocratic yearling is one of the Gang of Eight. I had been watching the H&G nest, trying to see if eggs had hatched (I was not able to verify that). Then I watched five of the members of the Gang of Eight go streaming past me and most of them went around the corner. This yearling lingered behind.

Yearling Bald Eagle

Jordan Lake: Here is what I caught yesterday of the interaction between Loblolly and the three-year-old gang of eight member. 1st photo: the three-year-old is sitting up in the tree quite proud of itself. 2nd photo: Mom Loblolly is at about Mach 3 heading straight for that three year old. 3rd photo: the three-year-old has realized that he is in danger and in a very wrong place as he turns and is trying to launch. 4th photo: above the pine branch you can see a blurred Mom Loblolly‘s head and below that same branch you can see the tail of the three-year-old. 5th photo: the three-year-old catching its balance on a branch before it leaps out. 6th photo: the scared and fleeing 3-year-old passed me in a hurry. 7th photo: mom Loblolly is heading back up towards the nest area. In yesterday‘s video you can see mom Loblolly enjoying a bit of a rest and some grooming after the ouster of the obnoxious three-year-old bald eagle.

3-year-old Gang of 8 Member
Mom Loblolly Heading for the 3-year-old
3-year-old Realizes the Incoming Danger
Mom Loblolly Head Above Branch & 3-year-old Tail Below Branch
3-year-old Trying to Balance as it Flees
3-year-old Fleeing Past Me
Mom Loblolly Heading Back Towards Nest