Jordan Lake. H&G nest. Dad Hershey collected a stick for his nest repair. Then a fledgling bald eagle wanted to see what the adult eagle was doing. I think that the fledgling bald eagle may well have been from the H&G nest this year. Dad Hershey most likely would not have tolerated an unrelated immature bald eagle that close and would not tolerate it by this December.

Jordan Lake. H&G bald eagle nest. That is one very large chick! Probably a female because the adult in the nest with her is dad Hershey. At this point the chicks are adult-sized. You can see that this female bald eagle chick is the usual 25% bigger in size than a male.

Jordan Lake. H&N nest. It was a very cold, windy, gusty, grey morning. That did not stop the bald eagle chicks in the nest from bouncing. Dad Hershey watched one of them get quite into the act of making big wings. Then he decided enough was enough and Hershey bailed out. #BEverettJordanLake #BaldEagle #HersheyBaldEagle #hawriver #jordanlakestatepark

Jordan Lake. H&G nest. You would think that with a fish that big, which Dad Hershey had just caught, it would make quite a meal for his two chicks. Hershey dropped the fish into the nest. The two chicks fought over it. Within three minutes it was apparent that the fish was all gone because the two chicks separated to each end of the nest.

Dad Hershey of H&G Nest

Jordan Lake. H&G nest. Dad Hershey had been repairing the left-hand end of the nest. Rearranging sticks – nest upkeep is a never-ending task for most parent raptors. I did not realize his chick was supervising until dad got distracted and jumped up and out of the nest. Now, like the chick, I am wondering just what did Dad Hershey see!

Dad Hershey
Dad Hershey and Chick
Bald Eagle Chick