I added a new bird to my life list today.
I was near a small pond when a hawk dashed out of the trees.
I thought first that it was an Accipiter – maybe a Cooper’s hawk.
It wasn’t. It was a small Buteo.
The dark line along the trailing edges of the wings and the bold central white tail strip were diagnostic.
I had just seen a broad-winged hawk.     2 photos

WALK0239 06-14-16 @ 13-54-25 Anderson Park broad-winged hawk

WALK0234 06-14-16 @ 13-54-24 Anderson Park broad-winged hawk

I was leaving the farm where I had worked on some horses.
The bright mahogany red breast feathers of a red-shouldered hawk gleamed in the late afternoon light.
Quickly I threw my truck into park and jumped out, camera in hand.
What a beautiful way to end the day.

WALK8832 Dec 15 2015 @ 17-24-28 Arterred-shouldered hawk

I always check out each bird in a vulture kettle.
The raptors of all sorts often soar in the thermals together.
This morning a red-tailed hawk joined the black vultures.
I happened to catch the two species at almost the same focal distance for a colorful photo.

WALK0481 Jul 22 2015 @ 09-55-17 Haw River  red tail and vulture

WALK6122 imm red-shoulder mill pond 2014

This immature red-shouldered hawk was chasing the belted kingfisher.
Both sped past me as I watched the speed display in awe.
I managed to photograph the hawk but not the kingfisher.

_RK_3424 northern harrier dive 2014

northern harrier hawk in a twisting dive seeking prey in the half-dried marsh