I had been standing on the dam for some time this morning, enjoying the sunshine.
I turned to start back toward my truck when I realized that I was being watched.
The 4-year-old eagle was calmly observing me and I returned the favor.
We spent the next 15 minutes watching each other.  What a joy!
Finally a fish caught his eye and he made a long swoop toward the lake.
He missed the fish, made a swing over the east end of the dam and headed north.

The chase was on just above the Haw River.
The year-old bald eagle to the far right has a small fish in its talons that it just caught.
The 3 immature eagles behind the 1-year-old bird want to steal the fish.
There were a lot of bodies flying through the air as the one with the fish made a dash for the safety of the trees.
Alas, I don’t know if the youngster was able to hold onto its catch. 

I admit: I had gotten more than a little frustrated with the rain and more rain.
Then Mother Nature handed me a breath-taking gift.
On top of the dam this morning my friend sang out “look at that”.
Though a fine veil of rain, a rainbow appeared over the peninsula between the Haw River and the New Hope River.
Oh my.