Jordan Lake: I found myself very much in need of some peace and tranquility this evening. I went back to this morning’s cruise with Captain Doug and brought up this great egret and then let the 12-year-old child within me have a hand in making this note and reminder that peace, contentment and tranquility are needed throughout this whole world. Have a blessed evening.

great egret

Jordan Lake: When we humans say that someone has their feathers ruffled, we usually mean they’re upset about something. However I can promise you that this great egret was not ruffling his feathers because he was upset. Nope, he had just flown to this perch and simply decided to have a good shake. I like the egret’s definition of “ruffle one’s feathers“.

Jordan Lake, Doc Ellen’s Evening Note:  I celebrate October 31 as All Saints’ Eve.  A time to remember those gone Home before me: be they family, friends, furred or feathered companions.  I miss them all and visit their memories, gently, in the crispness of the autumn eventide.  Take the thoughts of those you also cradle within your soul, with you into the beginning of a new month on the morrow. Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen