The cooler air has a lot of birds out and about.
This fledgling osprey has a nice sized fish dangling below her wing and her “rivets” are glowing.
A spectacular osprey launch.
Accipiters can be tricky to identify.
I believe this is an immature Cooper’s hawk who zipped past me and into the far pine trees.
It is always a little disconcerting to see long legged birds way up in trees.
However, they often do just that!
But I didn’t let that stop me from photographing this great egret.

Elegant, graceful, simply beautiful, Great Egret
Eastern Kingbird fledgling – yelling for a parent to feed him.  
the Common Buckeye butterfly
A Silver-spotted Skipper butterfly sharing a button bush blossom with some Eastern Bumblebees.
All these insects, along with the Common Buckeye are important pollinators.

This was a mixed flock of egrets that passed over me at Jordan Lake.
The large birds are great egrets.
The 3 smaller birds are snowy egrets.
It is fairly common for me to see the great egrets during the warm months.
I see a very, very occasional snowy egret.

WALK3088 07-19-16 @ 09-31-34 Ebenezergreat egret snowy egret