Footwork doesn’t have to be fast or fancy in order to bring satisfaction and contentment. Grayced often proves that point while I work on my photo editing.

Definitely not at Jordan Lake! Grayced the Cat, my home companion, wanted to share with you some of HIS birds he watches while Doc is at the lake. This is a pair of House Wrens, cousins to the Carolina wren, getting the nest box ready for eggs and chicks. At this point in the process it is Momma wren that is doing the nest construction. Dad wren dashes about singing his territory song – I wish I could have shared his song with you but the little iPhone couldn’t capture the sound through the picture window. BTW Grayced the Cat has his own Facebook page where he and I occasionally post some of his adventures and good sleep wishes – you can visit his page at

Jordan Lake Rescue: Grayced: A new addition to my Facebook pages:
Hello! I am Grayced. I am Doc Ellen’s companion. We met 5 years ago at Jordan Lake. I was hungry, very hungry and hurt. Doc Ellen was hurting too. Doc wrote a great story about our journey together and filled it full of pictures (they are good even if I do say so myself). We want to share with you the history and the ongoing story of our lives together. So, you can meet with us in two ways: 1) join us on Facebook as I get my paws, um, Doc’s fingers on the keyboard on a regular basis to update our time line and 2) read about our history in the eBook Jordan Lake Rescue: Grayced – it is available for iBook and PC at Ok. I am all groomed. Have gotten Doc’s fingers all limbered up and ready to type by tossing my favorite ball for me. We are glad you are here with us!!!!! Come by my Grayced the Cat site at and please continue to visit Doc and the eagles in the Jordan Lake Neighborhood
BTW, my Doc Ellen’s Journey will continue – am not replacing it with the Facebook page!