THANK YOU!!! My GoFundMe goal has been accomplished! I am misty-eyed and humbled by the expressions of care, concern and friendship from each of you – each of you in your own unique ways. I have ordered the equipment and it will be here this Wednesday. Then to Jordan Lake I go to do just as one of this year’s bald eagle fledglings is doing … seeing a brand new world. I look forward to sharing the Jordan Lake Neighborhood with all of you for many years to come. Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen

2022 bald eagle fledgling

If you are able, would you consider contributing to my Go Fund Me fund I want so to be able to continue to share the lake with all of you and the new photography equipment would allow me to do just that. Would you also consider sharing this post? Thank you all for your support of all kinds and your delightful comments on my Jordan Lake posts. By the way, did you know that you can contribute via Go Fund Me without your name being posted publicly? Just check the box for privacy. I will be notified of your generosity so that I can say thank you.