The late morning glare was bright on and above the Haw River and the light was frustrating me and my camera.
Then movement coalesced out of the glare and two bald eagles appeared.
A mature bald eagle was chasing the other eagle, a 4-year-old.
Between the glare and fast action, I didn’t realize the 4-year-old eagle was carrying a fish until I glanced down at my camera’s screen.
The adult bald eagle had been chasing the younger bird, hoping to steal its meal.

First Nest update
Yesterday, I was standing on top of the dam when a bald eagle appeared, flying up from the south end of the lake.
I got my lens on the eagle, and suddenly realized I knew her.
Kate is the mother eagle at First Nest.
 Kate turned her head and looked at me, changed her direction, made a single loop over me and headed back up lake.
I haven’t seen her in about 5 months.
This morning, I went by the First Nest cove.
The nest looked okay and I could hear an eagle calling.
I finally found Petruchio, the father eagle of First Nest, sitting up high on a favored perch in a pine.
While I was watching, he made a long swing down almost to lake level and I thought he was going fishing.
Turns out he wanted to investigate what the crows were doing.