When I saw this great blue heron throw himself into the river my heart almost stopped –
not in fear for his life but because I knew that fishing technique.
Last October 1, I wrote of two great blue herons who helped me cope with my disability as they dealt with theirs.
I had not seen either heron for many months at that point and assumed they had gone Home.
Then this morning I saw Ball Foot make his plunge – his way to fish because of a foot that was balled-up due to fishing line.
I whooped in triumph with him as he pulled this fish from the Haw – oh, my.

WALK8800 Apr 15 2015  11-14-43  Haw RiverBall Foot

WALK6863 Apr 07 2015  11-27-42  Fuquay Varina green heron fishing

I found the green heron stalking a fish
like his bigger cousin, the great blue heron, this smaller heron was lightening fast
he has a minnow in his bill, just above the splash of water droplets

WALK2243 Mar 28 2015  02-46-08 Haw River Osprey fish carry 1

this is the typical aerodynamic way that an osprey carries its catch
they turn the fish around into this position, mid flight

WALK1560 Mar 26 2015  02-01-31 Haw River Kate in all her glory

Katherine, aka Kate, matriarch of New Hope, in all her prowess and glory.

WALK7207 3 yo kicked fish 2015

for some reason this 3 year old eagle too often misses the fish and sends it flying out behind him
sometimes the youngster will return several times to try and catch the fish
he didn’t get a chance to this time: an adult eagle dashed by, lifted the fish and was gone