I am blessed with so many friends among all of you.

One of my friends, who is one of the nest monitors,

went out today to check my nests while I recover from knee repair.

He sent me this video from First Nest and said he hoped it would help with my healing.

Oh, it did!  Watch as one of the chicks surveys the world and the other practices wing wapping.

I added 2 freeze frames so you can see expressions better.

And yes, that is poop shooting over the nest edge at the end of the video.

All eaglets instinctively do this to help keep the nest clean.

Petruchio the dad was on the nest brooding the chick(s) when an immature turkey vulture tried to invade the nest (see its wing tip at the very top of the first photo of the slide show; the nest and Petruchio are at the very bottom right). Mom Kate was almost out of sight out near the main lake when she heard Petruchio’s calls for help. Kate quickly dashed across the lake and cove and there began a terrific chase across the sky. Kate routed the vulture and soon chased it out of my sight and down behind the trees. Kate returned some minutes later. All the eagles were safe. A slide show of the chase can be seen at https://youtu.be/QpOE-eX2gjU