The peregrine found me and my friend today and gave us a very, very quick look at him as he flashed past.
His patterns were stark against the very grey sky.


The peregrine falcon was up early chasing breakfast.

He made several extremely fast dashes but I didn’t see him catch anything.

Here he is coming back to a snappy landing at the end of a dash.

His air brakes worked wonderfully well.
At one point the crows tried to take over his roost tree,
but the peregrine abruptly returned and scattered them.
Unlike humans, peregrines like to eat crow…
see video of some of his take offs and landings at

THE fastest land or sea animal on earth, the peregrine falcon.
The peregrine is not common here in central NC.
But this morning, I got the thrill of watching one swiftly wing past me.
In a stoop, a hunting dive, the peregrine can reach 200 mph! Oh, my, speed indeed.



_RK_3375 kestrel and frog 2014

The American Kestrel, size of a bluejay, is the smallest falcon in North America.
This male kestrel is undoubtedly the most colorful raptor in the same area.
He has caught a frog and is swiftly heading to a perch.

_RK_3257 merlin flight 2014

Merlins can accelerate in flight at tremendous speeds.
I watched this one leave its perch in a tree and impossibly quick it was past me and down the canal line.