The Jordan Lake Neighborhood Roundup, part 2
songbirds and flycatchers
Eastern Phoebe
This medium sized flycatcher was still just long enough for me catch its profile.
 MARK5815 Ebenezer 05-08-18 07-38 phoebe
Prairie Warbler
This songster was a new addition to my life list.  It is a summer breeder here.
MARK5844 Ebenezer 05-08-18 07-48 prairie warbler
Chipping Sparrow
He has a beak that is crammed full with insects.
MARK6288 Ebenezer 07-08-18 07-27 chipping sparrow 
Eastern Wood-Pewee
The pewee often has a favorite look-out perch branch and will return to it in-between catching flying insects.
This is a pair of wood-pewee fledglings that are playing king-of-the-perch-branch.
MARK6796 Ebenezer 08-08-18 07-44-40 pewee
Yellow-throated Warbler.
Just how handsome can a bird get?
MARK6847 Ebenezer 08-08-18 08-34-11 yellow-throated warbler
Carolina Chickadee
The bird to the right is the parent chickadee.
The bird to the left is a newly fledged chickadee – still very awkward in flight.