Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River: Usually, when I sit down to edit my day’s photo shoot, I go chronologically. But this afternoon, I began at the end of the shoot so I could bring you my first eastern tiger swallowtail of this year. Please enjoy the sunny bright colors of the butterfly sipping nectar from the blooming redbud tree. Now, where was I … oh yes … on to the ospreys from this morning.

I was trying to choose my photos for tonight’s posting and stopped searching when I got to this Carolina chickadee from this morning.  I paused and looked at the softness of the almost spring in the pinks of the redbud tree blossoms and the elegant contrast of the small bird’s black and white plumage.  Thought: we could all do with a quiet moment in these days of stress.  So, take a minute and just be, just be with the little chickadee as he too paused in his day.  Peace and Grace, Doc Ellen