First Nest
Even if you ARE a bald eagle, some birds just don’t give you any leeway.
The eastern kingbird took great offense that Cacao flew too close to its nest.
The parent kingbird (about the size of a robin) promptly chased Cacao out of the area.
BTW I have seen kingbirds actually land on the backs of both adult and juvenile eagles.
Looks like a jet landing on an aircraft carrier.
Sometimes the kingbird gives the eagle a peck for good measure!  But, not in this series.

Ranger Nest Cove
So, the ospreys have been harassing the Ranger bald eagles.
Turn about happens.
Dad osprey was trying to get a fish he had caught to his nest.
As ospreys sometimes do, he had removed the head from the fish.
On Dad osprey’s way from his perch to the nest, the eastern kingbird found the osprey.
The eastern kingbird is showing a red alert patch on his head because Dad osprey is in the kingbird’s nest territory.
And, oh yes, the eastern kingbird landed on the osprey’s head!
Satisfied with the aerial landing and peck, the kingbird zipped off and Dad osprey got to his nest.

Elegant, graceful, simply beautiful, Great Egret
Eastern Kingbird fledgling – yelling for a parent to feed him.  
the Common Buckeye butterfly
A Silver-spotted Skipper butterfly sharing a button bush blossom with some Eastern Bumblebees.
All these insects, along with the Common Buckeye are important pollinators.

Some days there is nothing like black and white photography to show details.
Unknown 4 year-old-bald eagle.  Oh, so, self-assured.
A pair of ospreys.  The female is the upper bird.  Note her bigger bulk.
 As in all raptors, the girls are bigger.
A glare that would be worthy of a bald eagle.
The eastern kingbird certainly seemed to be issuing an edict about whose territory I was on.
Male osprey taking home a fish for his chicks who are close to fledging. 

Today the eastern kingbird had the audacity to up the ante.
He spied Hershey again crossing the cove.
The bald eagle understood what the smaller bird was up to.
So Hershey rolled up on his side to deny the kingbird a landing place.
Yes, landing space on the eagle’s back.
When that didn’t work Hershey rolled back flat and reached for a higher gear.
No dice.  The kingbird had the groove, the draft from the bigger bird.
In the little bird flew and got his piece of defiance with a sharp peck!