Jordan Lake. If you have found yourself wondering over the last few days just where Doc Ellen might be… Well, I have been trying to get everything set up to bring my youngest brother up from South Carolina to live with me. It has been a very busy week so far. I am planning on being back out at the lake June 1. It seems like it has been forever since I saw the eagles and ospreys and the itty-bitty birds too. While I am away, if you have been thinking about my GoFundMe camera campaign and possibly making a donation, I am closing the campaign as of June 1. If you are interested in helping, here is the link. Hang in there with this eastern bluebird and keep an eye out for the reappearance of Doc Ellen very soon!

On March 24, 1947, I came into this world. I once asked my mother what was I like – did I cry or smile – on the day I was born. She laughed and said you came in to the world singing. That revelation is startling: not that I was singing, but, because my mother had lost most of her hearing by the time I was born. I have spent my life in song, however over the last couple of decades, most of the singing has been simply for the ears of the animals that I work with, the birds that I photograph and the trees that I lean against.
I do enjoy singing but it is not the driving force of my life. Although, in a way, I feel I am singing as I satisfy my voracious curiosity and am almost driven to share my discoveries. Perhaps I do sing as I talk about soaring bald eagles, nesting blue birds, pennant dragonflies, American field pansies, ancient red oak trees, companion cats, patient dogs, horses I hug and attempt to heal and oh the smiles and the tears of all my friends.
I was asked a couple of days ago how my GoFundMe campaign was going. The nesting bald eagles have so occupied my time that I had not looked lately. So I pulled up the site and realized the campaign was close to the 3/4 of a century point … a 75, just as I am today. So I thought I would bring each of you up-to-date. There is still a distance to go for there to be enough funding for me to have the new camera and the new lenses. It’s been a year since I had a birthday gift to unwrap. Could you help me further unwrap my gift of singing the song of the birds through my photography and help me to continue to share my birthday gift with the world in brand new photographs? If you’ve already helped, my continuing thank you for your prayers and your funds. Please share this notice. If you’ve not joined in the campaign yet, would you consider doing so and as my mother would say: if it’s your birthday too, happy birthday and if it is not your birthday today then have a very happy un-birthday with me. GoFundMe

Doc Ellen 75th Birthday

Jordan Lake. The air temperature was 40°F. Birds are meticulous about staying clean. I would not want to jump in the lake with the air that cold and water temperature of 50°F, but both the eastern bluebirds and the cedar waxwing (to the right) did just that! They enjoyed their baths. Brrr!

Jordan Lake: often when I am out monitoring bald eagles, I have time to watch other birds too. This pair of eastern bluebirds have selected a tree cavity for their nesting season. I am always delighted when I can find a cavity breeder such as the eastern bluebird using a natural tree hole for their nest placement. Don’t get me wrong … the bluebird population was saved in part by the efforts of many a birder who placed bluebird boxes about their property and gave these thrushes a place of safety for their families. Natural cavity or bluebird box: these small birds make use of what they can claim for their home!