Sometimes I am blessed and one the largest creatures of flight at the lake, a bald eagle, will come and perch above my shoulder and watch the world with me.  Sometimes, one of the smaller creatures, such as this dragonfly, will come and sit, weightless on my foot, and we too watch the world together.  Video was made on May 25, 2018, Jordan Lake.

A trip to Lake Mattamuskeet needs to be on everybody’s  list.
It was at Lake Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge that the Bald Eagle was re-introduced to NC.
The Bald Eagles then made their way inland to Jordan Lake.
Try your hardest to get there at sunrise – they are almost always spectacular from the causeway!
Adult bald eagle way across the front impoundment at Mattamuskeet.  
This time of the year the eagles can be hard to find at Mattamuskeet.
The lake and its surrounding area has beautiful cypress trees.
The still waters of the lake and the impoundments often give reflections that are wonderfully detailed.
Great Blue Heron fishing.
The insect life at Mattamuskeet is very diverse – with many different dragonflies.
Did you see the dragonfly shadow?
The white-tailed deer really enjoy the browsing at the lake.  
The yellow-billed cuckoo is also found at Jordan Lake.
 I hear rather than see them most of the time.
The zebra swallowtail butterfly is the only swallowtail in our region with white stripes.

The male purple martin flashed past me and snagged a dragonfly.
Crimped the insect’s wing and spit the dragonfly out.
The male purple martin did a roll back and smiled at me.
From the lower left corner another purple martin appeared.
Either a female or an immature martin.
The male swept past me as I watched the other bird home in on the dragonfly.
Yes, it caught it, but sadly was too deep in the shadows for my camera to get a focused photo.
I think the male may have deliberately handed off the dragonfly.