Jordan Lake Rescue: Grayced: A new addition to my Facebook pages:
Hello! I am Grayced. I am Doc Ellen’s companion. We met 5 years ago at Jordan Lake. I was hungry, very hungry and hurt. Doc Ellen was hurting too. Doc wrote a great story about our journey together and filled it full of pictures (they are good even if I do say so myself). We want to share with you the history and the ongoing story of our lives together. So, you can meet with us in two ways: 1) join us on Facebook as I get my paws, um, Doc’s fingers on the keyboard on a regular basis to update our time line and 2) read about our history in the eBook Jordan Lake Rescue: Grayced – it is available for iBook and PC at Ok. I am all groomed. Have gotten Doc’s fingers all limbered up and ready to type by tossing my favorite ball for me. We are glad you are here with us!!!!! Come by my Grayced the Cat site at and please continue to visit Doc and the eagles in the Jordan Lake Neighborhood
BTW, my Doc Ellen’s Journey will continue – am not replacing it with the Facebook page!

Dear Friends:
Oh, my.  I have just been invited to talk with Frank Stachio on The State of Things, on WUNC radio 91.5, public radio.  We will talking about my Bald Eagle eBook and my eagle observations at Jordan Lake.  I hope you have a chance to listen because it was the interest each of you gave to my work that inspired me to write a book about the lives of the Jordan Lake bald eagles.  The interview will be Thursday, July 13 at 12:40 PM.  I surely hope I don’t let the bald eagles or any of you my dear readers down! 
peace and grace,  doc ellen
Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 12:40 PM on 91.5 FM WUNC radio; it is also available as a podcast.


Celebrate the 4th of July with your own copy of my American Bald Eagle eBook! 
Celebration price of $9.99 (regular $12.99) on my Bald Eagle Jordan Lake eBook from today through July 4th. 
Celebrate our country’s birthday by learning interesting details about its National Symbol, the American Bald Eagle. 
Book has excellent primer on identifying the ages of bald eagles (they don’t all have the white head and tail). 
There are lots of stories of how I learned what it takes to be an eagle. 
Laughs, gasps, long looks and an awareness of why eagles do what they do
Book has 74 original photos (never published before) and 144 pages. 
Available for Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, Android devices, Mac or PC computers. 

I had to have my knee repaired.  Ouch!  Sometimes I have to remember that I am not 12 any more….but, wait…I DO believe that I am 12, at least at heart, and in spirit  The surgeon was very happy with the procedure.   I am up and rambling about, slowly, but my steps are getting longer and that is a good sign. Sun bright and tempting here, but I have to be patient for a few days then back to the lake, the eagles and comfortable walking!  And right back to being my 12 year old – long into several decades – self.

peace and grace and on the mend,

doc ellen,
the photo is my cat Grayced doing his best to keep my healing knee warm

The weather was beautiful.
The visitors asked lots of great questions about bald eagles.
Many, many thanks to the Rangers and staff at the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area for putting the celebration together. A huge undertaking accomplished over the past year that sure gave a lot of families and friends a beautiful gathering at Jordan Lake.
The Coast Guard auxiliary rescued my posters when the wind got hold of them. I didn’t know the Coast Guard did land rescues – my thanks to them.
I had a wonderful time!


“doc in the field LITERALLY” – was the subject line in the email from my friend Scot. I laughed and replied “Too funny! I reckon we best hope I don’t go to seed along with all the other wildflowers.”

Scot and I were involved in the quarterly eagle count for Jordan Lake when he took this photograph of me.

doc in field-7302