The red-tailed hawk rolled over and presented its talons to the pestering crow.
As the crow ducked under the upside down hawk, the hawk rolled back upright.
Suddenly the crow was the one being chased.

red-tail crow

The gangster crows easily found this immature red-tailed hawk this morning.
I believe this may be a migrating hawk.
He didn’t seem to know the area and didn’t know how to evade the black menaces.
I saw several hawks today: red-tails, red-shoulders, and I believe a broad-winged hawk too.
The changing weather patterns up the northeast are driving the migratory birds south, early this hawk crow

It is bad enough that Brassy, another eagle, chases Ice every chance she gets.
It is probably an additional insult to the fledgling that a small, hopping mad, parent fishing crow also harasses the immature eagle.
The fishing crow and its mate have a nest at the end of the cove where the eagle family lives.
Like all parent birds, these crows don’t like intruders and will, as here, chase even an eagle.
By the way, Ice’s eye is in mid-blink, and is therefore not showing signs of a possible injury.

WALK6942 May 09 2015  10-07-53  New Hope Ice crow

WALK5754 Apr 04 2015  12-03-10 Haw RiverRed-tailed hawk American crow

the immature red-tailed hawk crossed the line into the nesting territory of the American crow
the defense was immediate and intense; sometimes the crow was chasing, sometimes the hawk would chase
they both crossed the river and were still tangling when I lost sight of them

WALK1219 red-shoulder and crow 2015

The red-shouldered hawk’s face says it all: oh, drat, those pesky crows have found me.
Within seconds there were 5 more crows loudly telling the neighborhood they had found an intruder.