Jordan Lake. My new camera equipment allowed me to bring to you a very close-up look at a chipping sparrow thoroughly enjoying a feast of midges. Once again my thanks to all of you who helped with the GoFundMe through your support in so many ways. Please enjoy this minute with the chipping sparrow and it’s breakfast.

Jordan Lake, August 10, 2021. Doc Ellen‘s Natural Minute. It is a Minute of watching the parent chipping sparrow – that’s the bird on the left – gathering up insects to feed to his chick – it’s on the right. The parent is very vigorous and very good at catching the insects and promptly feeding his offspring. The baby tries to catch an insect a couple of times. Then the parent dashes off to look for insects elsewhere. The fledgling says well I guess I better go back to trying on my own before it decides maybe it’s easier food to go find the parent. Enjoy the breakfast of the chipping sparrows this morning! Take care, be safe. Stay well.

Jordan Lake Dam, Haw River: “Oh, I know you, you great big eagle, that you think you are the onliest one who can carry a big stick up to your nest,” huffed the chipping sparrow. “I may be only 5 1/2 inches long and weigh less than an ounce, but I am sure I can pick this stick up and take it up to MY nest,” the wee bird earnestly chirped. Then the chipping sparrow grimaced and gathered his muscles as he went to reach for the stick. I was wondering how this was going to end. I didn’t want the little sparrow to lose face, so to speak, if his plan didn’t end well. His attempt was abruptly ended and my full focus on him was jerked around to behind me at the sudden sound of a trash can lid clattering to the ground. In that split second of distraction, the chipping sparrow fled away without his big stick. I was sorry for the little guy and his lost effort, but, … well my human mind said that he had had no hope … but then, hope does tend to spring eternal in both human and bird hearts.

The Jordan Lake Neighborhood Roundup, part 2
songbirds and flycatchers
Eastern Phoebe
This medium sized flycatcher was still just long enough for me catch its profile.
 MARK5815 Ebenezer 05-08-18 07-38 phoebe
Prairie Warbler
This songster was a new addition to my life list.  It is a summer breeder here.
MARK5844 Ebenezer 05-08-18 07-48 prairie warbler
Chipping Sparrow
He has a beak that is crammed full with insects.
MARK6288 Ebenezer 07-08-18 07-27 chipping sparrow 
Eastern Wood-Pewee
The pewee often has a favorite look-out perch branch and will return to it in-between catching flying insects.
This is a pair of wood-pewee fledglings that are playing king-of-the-perch-branch.
MARK6796 Ebenezer 08-08-18 07-44-40 pewee
Yellow-throated Warbler.
Just how handsome can a bird get?
MARK6847 Ebenezer 08-08-18 08-34-11 yellow-throated warbler
Carolina Chickadee
The bird to the right is the parent chickadee.
The bird to the left is a newly fledged chickadee – still very awkward in flight.