Ok, so, during the spring and summer, I see a few chimney swifts up above the Jordan Lake Dam, at sunrise. They would be leaving their night time roost and heading out to hunt high flying insects during the day. This video wasn’t made at Jordan Lake, but at sunset this evening near my home between Fuquay Varina and Holly Springs. The flock is growing in size as more and more migrants join the birds that were here for the summer. In about another 10 days all the chimney swifts will head for South America. Note: I made an error in my first posting of these birds which I have corrrected in this edit. Sorry.


Doing a little catching up with some birds from the last couple of days.
I have put the great blue heron first because I think he is asking just why is his lake full of trash.
He can understand in his way the tree trunks and limbs and vines but the trash just bewilders him.
If you zoom in you can all kinds of human debris in the water.  This is at the foot of the Jordan Lake Dam Tower.
The beautiful adult female bald eagle is searching among the debris for a fish to capture.
The 3-year-old eagle has caught a fish in amongst all the debris and trash.
I was startled that I caught so much of the reflection, at the distance I was shooting.
Oh, my a chimney swift!  There were about a dozen of the birds out chasing flying insects.
A life list first for me today.