Jordan Lake. The air temperature was 40°F. Birds are meticulous about staying clean. I would not want to jump in the lake with the air that cold and water temperature of 50°F, but both the eastern bluebirds and the cedar waxwing (to the right) did just that! They enjoyed their baths. Brrr!

Time for a Ramble in the Jordan Lake Neighborhood
The Cooper’s hawk is small, swift and often takes medium-sized birds while in flight.
Cedar waxwings are winter visitors here.
They love cedar berries and you can see the red “wax” at the inside lower edge of this one’s wing.
The first time I saw a Bonaparte gull I thought it was some species of tern.
These are dancers just above the water as they hunt for fish.
Immature great blue herons often look like they are feathered in a wash made from grey and pink pearls.