First Nest
Both of the chicks have fledged!
Kate is not too impressed with Cacao’s semi controlled crash landing.
While Cacao is trying to get the landing finished, Caramel comes zipping by.
Kate watches as Caramel makes a landing much further down the tree.
Just like any offspring, Cacao imitates mom even though Kate is still not impressed!

Drat!!! Pollen!!! I found Caramel on a branch above the rim of the nest.
This activity is called branching and will lead to jumps and flights to higher limbs directly above the nest.
The branching can go on for up to about 2 weeks or last 2 days; depends on how precocious the chick is.
The next step is flight from the safety of the nest: fledgling.
I just wish the pollen hadn’t obscured the first photo.  Sigh.
Caramel is standing of a branch that is unseen.  He seems a little startled that he is above the nest.
Okay.  Now to get back to the safety of the nest. Jump and flap.
Look at me! I have landed!  I am safe.
Wow!  I really did it.  Branched a whole two feet or so from branch to the nest.  Oh, wow!

First Nest
More years than not, First Nest has 2 chicks.
For the past 3 days I have thought that there might be more than just Cacao in the nest.
I was packing up to go home today when I blinked.
Cacao had aggressively dove across the nest – like an older sibling will do.
Sure enough, she was putting another chick in its place.
Caramel didn’t take much gruff from his big sibling as they had a face off.
That’s Caramel looking upward.  Cacao is mostly behind the big limb to the right.