Hawks at Jordan Dam Today; Whew, 3 species!!!!!
I had spent all winter trying to get a photo of the first hawk in this group of Buteo hawks.
Buteo hawks are all called broad-winged hawks which is confusing because in the group there is a Broad-Winged Hawk!
This morning a medium-sized hawk appeared from the hill above the dam: it was my elusive Broad-winged hawk.
Broad-winged Hawk
Often confused with the red-shouldered hawk and even though it is fairly common,
is dismissed as a red-shouldered hawk and we don’t look twice.
Note the broad white tail stripe and the distinct black band that edges the trailing edge of the wing from wing-tips to body.
Red-shouldered Hawk
Looks very similar doesn’t it! But this hawk doesn’t have the broad black band lining the trailing edge of the wing.
BTW this is a juvenile; the other 2 hawks in this group are adults and that can add to the identification problems.
Red-tailed Hawk
All 3 birds are similar, in part because of the body shape and broad-wings.
Look back at the wings of all three hawks.
Note just how much distance there is from leading edge to trailing edge of the wing: BROAD WINGS indeed!

I added a new bird to my life list today.
I was near a small pond when a hawk dashed out of the trees.
I thought first that it was an Accipiter – maybe a Cooper’s hawk.
It wasn’t. It was a small Buteo.
The dark line along the trailing edges of the wings and the bold central white tail strip were diagnostic.
I had just seen a broad-winged hawk.     2 photos

WALK0239 06-14-16 @ 13-54-25 Anderson Park broad-winged hawk

WALK0234 06-14-16 @ 13-54-24 Anderson Park broad-winged hawk