Ranger Cove Osprey Family
I got to the cove to find Dad osprey sitting on one branch to the left of Brother Piper on the right.
They both looked at me, checked me out and then ignored me.
They sat there for more than 10 minutes.  Once in a while Piper would look hard at Dad.
Finally Piper got tired of just waiting around and he left.  Dad Osprey kept watching life flow by.
It was not until Dad Osprey took flight 12 minutes later that I realized he had been standing on a fish!
No wonder Piper kept looking hard at Dad.
As Dad took flight I heard Broken Feather. She got to the nest as Dad did with the fish.

Ranger Cove:  Broken Feather Update
Broken Feather has learned  2 lessons:
1) that if she picks up the fish that her parent has just brought in and flies with it away from the nest,
she doesn’t have to share the food with her brother Piper.  
2) She is also learning that it is hard to stand on a slippery fish – on a slope no less – and eat it.
Sorry about the shaky video.

Ranger Cove – Broken Feather Update
I watched as an unknown female osprey fledgling drifted into Ranger Cove.
Neither Ranger Cove parent osprey reacted.
But oh, did Broken Feather have something to say when the intruder tried to land in her nest.
From left to right: Piper, Broken Feather and the intruder thinking about landing.
The intruder realized it was headed for the wrong nest and quickly left.
Broken Feather was very proud of herself!

Ranger Cove,  
update Broken Feather
Broken Feather was dripping wet from her last attempt at fishing from the bank.
Determined to be a true osprey, she left the pile of logs and gained altitude.
The fledgling plowed into the water, true to her species.
Alas, Broken Feather didn’t get a fish.
But her heart is still saying work at it and so she did.
There were several more attempts, all empty talons.
Then dad osprey showed up at the nest with a fish and the sibling ospreys got a meal.
Maybe tomorrow Broken Feather and her brother Piper will each catch their own fish.

Broken Feather Update 7/13/2018
I got to the lake edge this morning and found Broken Feather on a log at the shoreline.
She was trying out a new way to fish – not an osprey way at all.
Maybe she had been watching great blue herons stalk the shoreline and go after a fish.
There is an deep pool of water at her feet.
A fish flashed by and Broken Feather made a leap – talons flared in hopes of catching the fish.
Broken Feather was almost hidden by the reeds between us as she hit the water.
Thankfully, ospreys swim well even when they are mad that they have made a miscalculation.
She missed the fish and I missed the shot of her jumping back up on the logs.
Twice she tried this way to catch a fish and twice she missed.
We will have to see what she does the next go-around.
Dad osprey did bring a fish later in the morning and both Broken Feather and Piper had a meal in the nest.
Her tail made her jink hard to the left as she approached the rim of the nest.