Jordan Lake is a winter home for a huge number of gulls. Most of the birds here are ring-billed gulls. Next in number are the Bonaparte’s gulls. There are a few herring gulls in the mixture and a few lesser black-backed gulls. The birds spend the night floating mid-lake – it is safer there away from predators on the shore and their numbers help keep everybody safer from the bald eagles.

The ospreys have returned from South America – welcome home.


One year old bald eagle looking fierce in the morning light.


A very cold eastern bluebird, who like me, was wondering where the warm weather went.


Great blue heron stalking through the shoreline bushes.


Belted kingfisher surveying the waters for his next fish.


The small pied-billed grebe is named after the way the black ring bisects his beak.


The morning light illuminates this Bonaparte’s gull.


The Bonaparte’s gull was all wrapped in fishing line.
Scot made an experienced cast with a broken-off fishing rod that A.C.E. Ranger Lane provided from lost and found.
He snagged the gull, reeled it in and TJ gently untangled the bird….

WALK9356 Dec 16 2015 @ 16-56-55 Haw RiverBonaparte's gull rescue

It took 4 hands to untangle all the fishing line.

WALK9366 Dec 16 2015 @ 16-59-55 Haw RiverBonaparte's gull rescue

Just released, the gull floated away.

WALK9385 Dec 16 2015 @ 17-01-21 Haw RiverBonaparte's gull rescue

The Bonaparte’s gull rested a while and then was back in the air looking for fish.

WALK9416 Dec 16 2015 @ 17-41-16 Haw RiverBonaparte's gull rescue