Jordan Lake Dam: June Flight Jamboree!!
Sunday morning was cool and bright. All the feathers in flight glittered with life.
Parent birds. Juveniles. Big birds and small ones.


1) Northern Cardinal, male juvenile
2) Blue Grosbeak
3) Common Grackle
4) Brown-headed Cowbird
5) Fish Crow
6) Great Crested Flycatchers, juveniles
7) Eastern Bluebird
8) Osprey
9) Summer Tanager

blue grosbeak, male

I was at one of the Ebenezer boat ramps, hoping the grey weather would let up enough for me to catch some birds in flight. There was a flick of a tail, off to my right, on the rocks that line the parking apron. What need did I have of much light when a feathered piece of the blue sky waited for me to capture its rich colors.