Jordan Lake: I had a couple of inquiries into exactly what the heck was a blue-grey gnatcatcher … the little bird that was in this morning‘s natural minute. So here are a couple of photos of the little gnatcatcher and they are indeed small. They are about an inch or so longer than a hummingbird. They feed on all kinds of small flying insects and they really really love to get a mouthful of a spider or a mite.

I was sitting up on the hill, waiting for an eagle or osprey to perhaps go past.
There was a quick flicker of motion in a tree across the way.
I started watching the activities of a pair of blue-grey gnatcatchers as they built their nest.
In 3 days the nest has gone from a shallow bowl 1 inch high to the cup you see in the photo below.
This tiny bird is only slightly larger than a hummingbird.
It uses lichens, pieces of leaves, bark and spider webs for construction materials.

WALK2920 Jun 01 2015 @ 07-45-33 Ebenezer Jun 01 2015 @ 07-45-33 blue grey nest

Memorial Day bird

in my tails and missing top hat
I watched human parade
step past
flags at half mast
wondered if humans knew
we birds too
those still nursing wounds
some with minds aching
or gone Home
all trying to put war to rest

I blue-grey gnatcatcher
perched silent
while Memorial Day parade
passed by