Jordan Lake. First Nest. Dad Bard is hunting on the ground. I don’t know what he found. Most likely a small bird or small mammal. He took it to the nest. Watch the reaction of the three chicks as they see Dad coming in. Everybody piles in on Dad’s feet. He manages to stay up right. At the end you can tell by which way dad and two of the chicks are looking to the left who got whatever the food was. What a melee.

Jordan Lake. First Nest. Dad Bard landed in the nest with a small fish. All 3 chicks were watching his feet. They knew where the fish was. Then there was a shoving match to see who would end up with the fish. It was Big Chick that won the fish. All three chicks are doing well. Arrows in first photo point to the 3 chicks.

Jordan Lake. First Nest. With 3 rapidly growing chicks bouncing around in the nest, the parents have to bring in sticks and repair the nest. Dad Bard went dashing out and grabbed the top of a small pine tree and headed back to the nest. That’s him piling into the nest from the left-hand side while mom Kate is on the right hand side with fish to feed the chicks. Crowded!

Jordan Lake. All three of the TRIPLETS are alive and doing well! Captain Doug and I managed to get out today to monitor our nests after the big rain, high lake levels and wind. Dad Bard is feeding his chicks. Second photo with arrows so that y’all can see where all three chicks were in the nest. I hope all of you are smiling as big as I am.

Dad Bard and the triplets