For those of you new to my Journey, I watch a nest of bald eagles on Jordan Lake every year.  I try hard to get the best photos I can at the long distances needed to not disturb the parents.  I call the eagle pair Kate and Petruchio.  They are starting their 4th year of raising eaglets.  In this photo Kate has begun brooding / incubating her egg(s)!  All you can see of her is the upper half of her head, beak facing to the right, bright eye on alert.  I watched Petruchio, her mate, bring her a fish yesterday but it was too dark to get a photo.

WALK7023 1st Kate on nest pix   2014

Dear Friends:

At long last I have gotten my dreamingsongs photography site finished – where if something strikes your fancy, you can now order prints of many of my photos.

I will be placing the dreamingsongs link below the photo and its caption on any photo that I have ready for ordering.  It will look like this:


_RK_6770 eagle for announcement email2014

American bald eagle

to order this photo, please go to

If you do not see a photo that you remember from the past and are interested in ordering it, please let me know the date and subject of the photo and I will get back with you. It is a somewhat slow process to place the photos into the web site – it will take me a while to get more of the photos up.

I hope that you enjoy being able to easily see many of my photos all in one place!

peace and grace,

doc ellen

WALK5698 yearling Mattamuskeet eagle 2014 (1)

As this yearling eagle flew over the waters of Lake Mattamuskeet he started to furl his wings.
I hoped he would dive for whatever he was seeing – instead he flew on.

WALK2199 imm eagle 2014

The dawn golden hour is especially alluring to me at the Mattamuskeet Refuge and brings vibrancy to this immature bald eagle.

There were 3 bald eagles at Yates Mill Nature Preserve today.  It is rare to see a single bald eagle over the Mill Pond.  Today I was blessed to see 3.  The first 2 photos are of the adults.  The 3rd photo is of the adults chasing each other – sorry the photo is not better – but they quickly chased each other out of the reach of my lens.  The 4th photo is of the 3 year old immature bald eagle.  He/she was very interested in the action between the adults.  Just like the teenager he is.  He will have to make it through 2 more years before he is ready to find a mate of his own.

WALK2114 2nd adult eagle Yates Mill 2014

WALK2111 1st adult eagle Yates Mill 2014

WALK2120 pr adult eagles Yates Mill 2014

WALK2132 3 yo eagle Yates Mill 2014