Ice had been hanging out on the roost beside the nest
occasionally giving a “weep-weep” call hoping for fish.
Suddenly Wynd came busting past the nest – screeching.
Wynd had seen a parent coming with fish.
Not to be left out of a meal, Ice jumped into the air and they both disappeared.
Been a long time since I caught them both in the same frame.

WALK3809 Jun 05 2015 @ 09-57-26 New Hope Jun 05 2015 @ 09-57-26 Wynd and Ice

Mom Kate is plainly telling Ice that he better mind his eagle manners when he gets into the nest.
Her scowl and body posture are easy to see.
I think both parents are tired of hearing Ice screaming for food – you can hear him all over the cove.
I don’t know that he has made any effort to fish.
He made quick work of the fish Kate had just brought into the nest.
And then Ice proceeded to fly to where Kate was perched and landed on the same limb and began his begging all over again.
Kate left in a hurry.

WALK2015 May 29 2015 @ 09-53-11 New Hope Kate and Ice 1

VIDEO of Ice trying to get his father to feed him is at

The video is an interesting look at how tough a bald eagle parent has to be.  
In the video, Ice, the bald eagle fledgling, is hungry.  
That is him draped across the branch to the left of his father, Petruchio.  
Ice works his way all the way across the branch to his parent.  He gives hunger cries (the weep-weep sound).  
He tries lowering himself into the begging posture of a chick.  He uses his beak in the baby gesture of opening and closing the bill.  
Finally he gets right in dad’s face.  To no avail.  
It is time for Ice to begin to fish for his own food and he won’t hunt unless his parents quit providing most of his food.  
It is a hard lesson.  But necessary as 40-50% of eagle fledglings don’t make it to their first birthday because they never become proficient at fishing.
In the photo below, Ice has chased Petruchio all over several large trees, begging for food, until dad finally bails out.
WALK1336 May 26 2015 @ 08-19-50 New HopeIce Chases Dad

in the video: There was a loud sharp boom – my first thought was gunshot – but I quickly realized it wasn’t.
Poor Ice, however, reacted instantly. He had been perched about 600 feet from the nest when the sound occurred.
It took him about 6 seconds to get back to the place that was safest – the nest.
He was still nervous when he got there and showed it by picking at food and constantly looking about.
Notice how he cues in on the small bird passing by.
Finally Ice leaves and ends up on the perch where he had been when the disturbance occurred (not shown in the video).
In the photo below Ice is making the landing at the safety of the nest – a landing worthy of his parents!

WALK9114 May 19 2015  10-01-06  New HopeIce spooked

Wynd gets into trouble: she hasn’t yet learned how to judge wind gusts.
In the video: Wynd is way down below the nest. She is to the left of the trunk of the nest tree.
Watch for her bright yellow feet.
She decides to try for the nest. But the wind catches her.
She would make a great gymnast! There is slow motion of the action.
I wish I had had a bigger viewing area but am glad I at least caught the action.

WALK8641 May 14 2015  09-29-27  New HopeWynd cartwheel