VIDEO of Wynd’s Adventure at
Wynd disappeared from the nest 3 days ago. It was about time for her to fledge so I didn’t fret much the first day.
Day 2 I kept looking for her. This afternoon she returned. I saw her making takeoffs and landings, working her way to the nest.
Then I lost her for awhile only to see her just below the nest in some trees. The way she gets back into the nest is astounding. I managed to get it on video.
Typical eagle she immediately started looking for something to eat. Wynd has fledged.
Ice has watched. He will be fledging soon too.
I just hope he does it in the more normal style of small flights to near by trees for a few days and then the long soars around the cove.
On the video watch below and left of the nest in the trees there and once you spot Wynd be patient as she works her way back into the nest.

WALK3214 Apr 28 2015  16-59-40  New Hope afternoonWynd fledge

WALK2215 Apr 27 2015  07-24-29  Ebenezer New HopePR anger 3yo

the lower eagle is a 3 year old bald eagle being chased by an adult bald eagle
I believe this is the same 3 year old that attacked Kate
the immature eagle has been aggressively intruding in several adult territories

Kate was attacked by a 3 year old bald eagle at the nest as she was trying to deliver a fish to her chicks
story and video are at
NOTE: the wind was howling and so the video has shake and noise – sorry about that
I hope you get to see at least the opening 2 minutes: I have never seen Kate flying so fast

the first photo is soft because the attack occurred as I was setting up my equipment and I took the shot in a hurry
the immature eagle was below my shot
the second photo is of Kate streaking after the immature eagle – they were traveling so fast I caught Kate partially blurred and missed the 3 year old
note that Kate is still holding the fish in her talons
you can see the chicks in the nest to the far lower left

IMG_4380 Apr 23 2015  07-29-22  N H attackKate anger pre

WALK1261 Apr 23 2015  08-34-26  New HopeKate anger

there is a SLIDE show of the photographed sequence at
I heard Kate’s angry scream as I stepped from my truck and I grabbed my camera and ran for the bluff.
Kate was being bounced by the gusty wind as if she were a wee chickadee and she was angry.
I didn’t stop to put the camera on the tripod – I just photographed Kate’s struggle.
Kate finally made it to the nest only to be met by Wynd on the left and Ice on the right.
Both of whom end up under her and Kate drops the fish and bails out to the left.

WALK8589 Apr 15 2015  09-36-29  New HopeKate and Gusts