Jordan Lake. H&G nest. Dad Hershey had been repairing the left-hand end of the nest. Rearranging sticks – nest upkeep is a never-ending task for most parent raptors. I did not realize his chick was supervising until dad got distracted and jumped up and out of the nest. Now, like the chick, I am wondering just what did Dad Hershey see!

Dad Hershey
Dad Hershey and Chick
Bald Eagle Chick

Jordan Lake. This morning the bald eagle chick in the nest was doing what I call wing wapping. In another words starting to work on all of the muscles, tendons, ligaments in its wings and body. Takes a lot of strengthening to get to the point where the chick can eventually fly. The last photo shows the chick in the nest just behind dad Hershey … I do believe the chick is saying “hey dad did you just see what I was doing?”

Bald Eagle Chick Wing Wapping
Bald Eagle Chick Wing Wapping
Bald Eagle Chick Wing Wapping
Hershey and His Chick

Jordan Lake Bald Eagle nests update. The lake has been so high that it has not been easy for any of us to monitor the nests. It has been dangerous to try to get boats out to check the nests – today’s photos are both from the shore.

Loblolly at Big Pine nest. The shelter nest is of grave concern to all of us – given the human intrusion the other day and we have not been able to actually see the nest from a boat, we don’t know the status of the chick there. So please hold Loblolly and Pitch and their chick in your heart.


The H&G nest. Their chick is growing! You can see it above the red arrow. The chick is looking to the left.
I sure am going to be glad when the lake gets back down to normal level and we can get out and get better looks at all of the nests all over the lake!

H&G bald eagle chick

Jordan Lake. LL&H nest. I don’t know if there’s a second chick in the nest or not. The chick appears to be somewhere around five weeks of age… I don’t know the actual hatch date. Like all bald eagle chicks, this one is very alert to see what it’s parent is doing! I took this photo a couple of days ago in the sunshine and thought: you know, this gray morning we could do with some brightness and light. Enjoy!

LadyLake and Her Chick

Jordan Lake: H&G nest. That is Mom Godiva in the nest. If you look very very and I do mean very closely, you can SEE her CHICK. The chick is barely above the nest brim. It is tucked in between her white head and the brown of her chest. At this distance it almost looks like a dandelion blossom! I was not sure yesterday that I was actually seeing one of the chicks until I had time this morning to go back through yesterday‘s shoot. Glad I can share the chick with you!

Mom Godiva and Her Chick

Jordan Lake: At least one egg has HATCHED! We don’t know yet if there is a second egg/chick. That is mom Loblolly reaching down towards the chick. She’s got a bite of fish in her beak. We can’t quite see the chick yet. The next two weeks are extremely critical to this chick because a chick must to be at least two weeks old before it can thermal regulate – in other words it can’t control its own body temperature until then and depends on the parent’s body heat for warmth. So on one hand I am very glad that it is warm today and that the chick won’t get chilled if the parent should be spooked from the nest. On the other hand, and I don’t blame them, there will be more people out at the park because the visitors want to be outdoors in the sunshine. I just pray that the visitors all respect these bald eagles and stay out of the Shelter 8 loop.

Mom Loblolly feeding her chick