WALK6927 - 2015-03-11 Kate leaving nest

One of the chicks, to the left of the tree limb, watches as mother Kate leaves in a hurry.
The chicks are now sporting a light grey fuzz on top of their heads, a dark brown/black face and body with a pale yellow beak.
to see the Video of the chicks playing after Kate left, please go to http://youtu.be/7VxcADHfinQ  be sure to go “full screen”

WALK5407 3 and 4 year old contrast2015

The difference of a year in age can make a striking change in the color patterns of a bald eagle.
The bird up top is a 3 year old and the lower bird is a 4 year old.

WALK3194 - 2015-03-02 at 12-21-44 1

Kate has just flown back from chasing off the intruder.
Both chicks are alert and trying to spot the danger.
One watching mom and one looking out over the cove.