Ace the DareDevil father Osprey took a calculated risk and dared the river waters flowing between the walls of the tailrace to go fishing.  He appeared out over the lake, flew over the top of the dam, without hesitation dropped in-between the walls, and caught a rather large fish for his chicks.  The fish probably weighs about 2 pounds … Dad Osprey weighs somewhere about 4 pounds.  Awesome feat of fishing!  GO ACE GO!!!
PS: the green tint to the lower right of the slides is actually the leaves of some grass between my lens and the action.

Ace the osprey had caught a small fish.
He then changed directions in the air to head back to his nest.
An immature herring gull wanted the fish.
Ace tried to hold on to the fish so he could feed his mate Amelia………
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WALK8648 03-06-16 @ 18-32-49 Haw River 03-06-16 @ 18-32-49 Haw

2:57 minute slide show at
Ace the Osprey has a favorite perch for eating his fish that he has caught at Jordan Lake.
One of the security lights makes a perfect table.
The slideshow gives you detailed moments to enjoy his power and grace as he makes his approach and landing. Enjoy!
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WALK7346 Jul 14 2015 @ 10-10-00 Haw River Ace Light Landing