Memorial Day bird

in my tails and missing top hat
I watched human parade
step past
flags at half mast
wondered if humans knew
we birds too
those still nursing wounds
some with minds aching
or gone Home
all trying to put war to rest

I blue-grey gnatcatcher
perched silent
while Memorial Day parade
passed by

wood ducks

I watched this pair of wood ducks fly around me at the point where I stood. I missed the flight shots. By the time I got over the hill and stepped quietly around the willow trees they were already swimming away from the shoreline. The morning was quiet and the dust above the water caused a lot of sparkles in my lens and looked like silver motes in the photo.

In the rookery tree, you can see two of the nests. The upper nest has 4 chicks waiting for the arrival of a parent and their breakfast; their interest is glued to the nest below them. The lower nest has a parent that is feeding its 4 young by regurgitating fish and letting the chicks grab its bill and a mouthful of food. Eventually the 4 downstairs chicks are fed and the family sets about grooming and exploring.
I have to wonder two things: with all the sharp bills, how are injuries avoided and how do 5 large birds not fall off the edge of the small nest. The bills and nest must work: we thankfully still have lots of the fascinating herons around to amaze us.